Monthly Archives: August 2009

Significance of 62nd Independence Day

What is the significance of 62nd Independence Day for these kids?

Are you a absentminded by nature?

I’m absentminded by nature. It’s not that my brain is deteriorating — it’s just always thinking about something else. I’m not alone — this tendency is so prevalent among us geeks that the character of the absentminded professor has become almost archetypal. Absentmindedness affects us geeks more than the general population for at least two …

Who Finds Twitter More Effective, Advertisers or Consumers?

Though Twitter is currently a media darling, only 8% of advertisers and consumers think it is a “very effective” promotion tool, according to June 2009 data from LinkedIn Research Network and Harris Interactive. The research, which included surveys of US advertisers and Internet users, found that while 83% of advertisers were familiar with Twitter, only …

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